Toad Rider - Press Kit

Game Overview

Toad Rider is a super intense and unique side-scroller game for iPhone/iPad inspired by the classic Battletoads game, loved by millions over the world!

Help Zody the Toad escape from a group of evil scientists in a far away lab. Your escape journey will be action-packed:

• Move swiftly with your hoverbike around tricky obstacles.
• Take down evil scientists before they shoot you!
• Dash into glass walls to survive.
• Experience awesome dynamic lanes.
• Pimp your toad, pimp your jet.
• Compete with your friends!


Official Trailer

Game Story

Game Controls

The controls of the game are purely based on gestures (swipes and taps). No virtual buttons. 

Release Info

Relase Date: Feb 5th, 2014.
Platform: iOS
Type: Universal App [iPhone/iPod/iPad]

Main Game Character

Game Icon

Elektron Games

Elektron Games is a mobile indie game studio founded by two brothers. We believe in building awesome games with a prime focus on unique gameplay and highly polished design.


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