Tap Army - Press Kit

Game Overview

From the creators of Toad Rider, comes Tap Army: the first lane-based arcade shoot'em up game for iPhone/iPad.

Fight for your army! Shoot enemy soldiers, tanks, and helicopters, before they take you down. Don't shoot bombs, unless you want to die.

Tap Army introduces a new control scheme to the shooting genre on touch screens. Instead of dragging and auto-firing, the user controls an army of four fighters by tapping and holding different lanes.

• Original gameplay concept
• Awesome weapons (mini gun, flame thrower, laser gun, and SMG), use them quickly and wisely!
• Super intense arcade action!
• Easy to pick up and play
• Insanely addictive!

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Release Info

Release Date: September 16th, 2014.
Platform: iOS
Type: FREE - Universal App [iPhone/iPod/iPad]

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